vendredi 16 décembre 2016

You were a child, mine

You were a child, mine
Do you remember when you did not exist for them?
I felt despite their taunts your warm breath
Already warned me you were coming.
Do you remember when you came?
Finally you were there in the pit of my stomach
And you breathed, sang, wept same
Duet with my voice that you found melodious?
Do you remember when you were growing inside me?
You shone with all your innocence and your frailty
Who raved to me at the same time that worried me.
Do you remember the time you'd see the day?
You quickly begged me to put you in the world
So you can contemplate the beauty queen
I was for you and you was struggling to get out,
Because you were afraid to hurt me.
Do you remember my first tears
When your little lips had taken my breast?
Do you remember the day of your first birthday?
Your first tooth, first your spoon or your first bath?
How you were happy because I was smiling you,
I admired you because you my first idol.
Do you remember when you wanted to be alone?
When I worried too often to your taste
And you reassured me before locking yourself in your ivory tower?
Do you remember your first girlfriend,
That you had brought home one Sunday morning
While preparing the family dinner?
You had filed a long kiss on my cheek warm
And had whispered to me that I would dwell first in your heart?
Do you remember all this?
You grew and I became the unknown:
You've relegated to the background despite my pain
And I've annoyed when I wanted to console you.
You became a man and you have disowned me.
You did not notice my heart bleeding
Neither the bitter tears that washed my face;
I was your purpose, your star in the night before,
You were the sunshine of my sad days and my greatest work.
In spring day during which I warn you about evils of the world,
You've cleared my suddenly hug me by responding
You were no longer a boy of seven.
So I watched you with my eyes extinguished by fatigue
And my shoulders slumped by indifference that I had inspired you.
Yours suddenly became sad and wet,
You are approached me shyly you confusing yourself excuses
They forgot the role that I filled since your existence.
I took you in my arms and you're kneeling thee lying, pressing you
Against my belly revived by your warmth once made you served alcove
And you began to cry silently.
You've suddenly recalled from the top of your shoulders with seasoned man
Now bent like a frail creature against me,
In spite of your arrogance and your male pride
That you were a child, an innocent man, my son.
Alexa Madrexx

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