jeudi 8 décembre 2016

The appeal body man

The appeal body man
I'm so burning with passion
My body hardly contain this glowing fire
Who grabbed my being without warning.
Its lava ravage and burn me in passing
All unnecessary doubts that invaded me my reason;
And the latter, taken by surprise in this whirl of senseless emotions,
Is folded to overcome this ember licking me completely.
I realized that I liked being trapped
In this sense both destabilizing, nice and fickle
While it is fleeting and furtive like a bandit.
I gladly accepts and gives him the right to possess me,
It was at that moment that I realized that I became a lover.

I realized also that it did not bother me
To belong to him if only for a few hours
Because it is my Achilles heel without him knowing,
And it's better like this and it will be my dark secret.
I will relish me of his desires and his touch
Because I am only desire and ecstasy before him.
And even when it is absent in body but it invades my thoughts
When reason overcome by the triumphant passion
Is gone foul strategists to bring me back on track.
 Alexa Madrexx 
From "Kaleidoscope or the conflecing emotions festival"
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