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The complete familial package

       A child never comes alone ...
       A businesswoman has everything to succeed in her life: for Catherine Abellard, work is above everything else, even love. And it is without counting his family and friends who reluctantly emit their unpleasant comments on the desert of his private life. To cut short the jokes of the latter, she decides to have a baby thanks to the miracles of science or assisted procreation, pretending to her own that it is the fruit of an evening adventure. His life then takes a new turn. Everything seems to go for the best until the day when his family wants to meet the biological father. On the edge of despair, she solicits the help of a friend who does not get too much to pray. Then begins a series of adventures that are as incredible as they are incredible, during which she repeatedly questions herself.

Part 1
The Dreamed Baby
« A new baby is like the beginning of all things, wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities ». Eda J LeShan.
        (...) The month of September passed too quickly for her taste. She feared more and more her return to the fold, the encounter with her mother. She was not afraid of the question of parental authority and the views she might have on her life but she feared her thoughts about her pregnancy: when she was a little girl, she had taught him that a child was a blessed gift of the heaven granted to a couple or a woman if she were alone who would only have to accommodate herself to this turning point in life. His mother had always told him that a child should be loved regardless of the reasons surrounding his conception. Damn it! She had been brought up in a practicing Catholic family, moreover Haitian with very strict social values; her mother was somewhat open-minded but how was she going to make it clear that she had no idea what her baby's father looked like because she had used a Anonymous sperm donor housed in a laboratory test tube?
           When Henry called to her the next times, he carefully avoided the subject; she was very grateful for that. Thomas also called him from time to time to keep abreast of his state of health. On the eve of her departure, she had all the trouble in the world to find a garment which did not allow her to guess her condition. She decided to shop some appropriate clothes for the next few months. On arriving at the Toussaint Louverture international airport, it was Thomas who took her to take her home. Exhausted, she did not even bother to unpack her luggage. She undressed, took a shower and slipped into her bed in which she slept ten hours sharp.
                   The first person who visited her the day after her arrival was Joanne. They had a very pronounced family air, but their extravagance was their greatest point of difference. Catherine, without thinking of it, received her lightly undressed. Immediately after kissing him, Joanne's rounded eyes settled on her stomach.
-Cat, she said in her slightly nasal voice, did you gain some weight?
-Yes, replied spontaneously the woman, somewhat disconcerted by this introduction. Those few months of vacation have made me crazy. For extra pounds, the work routine will burn them easily.
-I'm not talking about calories or extra pounds. You have rounded up some parts of the body that seem too eloquent! She insisted.
   A silence filled with unspoken discomfort settled between them. Catherine nervously twisted her sweaty hands as Joanne continued her meticulous examination of her silhouette, which was changing. She had never had the idea of ​​hiding her condition. Come on! She had no account to give to anyone, at least it was what she tried to believe to reassure herself a little. She did not expect to face the siblings so quickly. To delay the fateful moment, she rose quickly to offer a refreshment to her guest. Her nervousness had not escaped her older sister. As soon as she had finished her glass, Joanne attacked:
-You are radiant. There is something that has changed in you but I can not put my finger on it.
      Catherine strove to regain her breath by breathing fresh air. If it were true that she had always had fairly feminine and generous forms, her flat stomach, strengthened by the  workout exercises she regularly performed each morning before her departure, would not risk betraying her for four or five months. She crossed her legs to give a face before answering Joanne while supporting his look:
-I think it's because I'm taking care of myself these days. My dear Joanne, I think I was won over by the fever of makeover. It's never too late for that I think.
              Joanne looked at her for a moment, frightened before making a frank laugh. Catherine narrowly breathed a sigh of relief. After the exchange of some trivialities, Joanna finally took leave of her. By closing the door, Catherine sighed deeply ... this time with great distress. She had never considered hiding her pregnancy from her family. She slowly passed her hand over her slightly rounded stomach. No! It was a well thought-out decision. She had made a choice, as much to assume the consequences. However, she found herself badly presented before her parents, especially her mother, to announce that she was expecting a child she did not know until the identity of the sire but that the main characteristics she knew of him were enough to say That she had good genes in her! She laughed without joy. She used to handle crisis situations, she had solutions to the most complex problems, she offered alternatives. But what would be the outcome of this situation which it had created? Who would protect her against her family?
               She went to her parents' place on a Sunday afternoon. Most often, Henri, Martine and Stéphanie, her sisters and their little family dined with their parents at least one weekend a month. When she arrived, they were still in the dining-room, where there was a festive atmosphere. She was not announced. She preferred to wait in the living room to prepare mentally for a possible confrontation. She had to break the ice this very day and stopped torturing the meninges at the same time. About twenty minutes passed before they came in their turn. They were surprised that she had not joined them at the table, while Henri was shunning her gaze, Joanne hurriedly whispered a few words to her sisters in the background. Mathilde, as always, welcomed her with a dazzling smile. She kissed him warmly on both cheeks, and Paul did the same. They all sat around her somewhere in the living room. Catherine felt like a victim in the box of the accused in front of a jury crew who asked nothing better than to condemn it. She took the time to breathe before mentally reprimanding: "You dramatize there, they don’t know what you're going to say."
-How was the stay there? Asked Mathilde, with a curious glint in her eyes.
-Very good. The seminar was very interesting, Toronto is a very attractive city. I brought you some little things. They are in the bags near the console.
         Everyone shared their finds loudly in an atmosphere that resembled the end-of-year celebrations. The young woman took advantage of this moment to try to attract the attention of Henri but this one persisted to flee his glance. She felt disappointed but relieved on the other hand, she would be less destabilized. When calm comes back gradually into the room, she threw herself into the water without a lifebuoy.
-Mom, Dad and my dearest family, I will not go by shortcuts to tell you that you will be grandparents by Easter next year."
      Mathilde uttered a cry of amazement, her father stared at her with bulging eyes and all the rest of the family went through a surge of surprise.
-What? Launched her in a shrill voice.
      That did not sound good. So she took all her time to speak with a monotonous voice without emotion, announcing again that she was expecting a child.
-So you are pregnant then? Replied his mother, in a white voice.
-Yes. The family will therefore have one more member, she answered without hesitation, feeling her assurance return little by little. I know I take you by surprise but that's how it is. I'll soon become mom.
       Beatrice was the first to come up to her and hug her. Her eyes shone with scarcely contained tears. Catherine felt comforted by her warmth.
"Can you get them out of the room?" He whispered in her ear. I have to talk to Mom and Dad in private.
       She glared at hder. In a playful voice, she asked everyone to follow her for dessert in the courtyard. The room emptied slowly. The atmosphere had suddenly become heavy, loaded with a lot of not-said words. People had come out with questions and speculations that were spinning in their heads but no one dared to comment on the subject at the moment. Catherine found herself alone with her parents. Mathilde let herself fall on the sofa while Paul sat down beside her while patting her hand, exhorting her to calm. Catherine sat down in the chair in front of them.
-Tell me, is that Thomas the father? Mathilde asked, suddenly becoming very pale.
      She was expecting that. The answer came quite naturally.
-No mother. It's not Thomas. This child is the fruit of an one night adventure .
      It was for the very first time that she was deliberately lying to her parents. She did not want them to learn the origins of her baby right away. The news of her pregnancy was already a hard piece to digest. Everything in its time says the proverb.
-My God! His mother sighs in a small voice. Still, it does not look like you.
-You want to keep him? His father asked her.
      His father was conciliatory. After Henri, it was one of the family members who knew her well. If he asked the question, it was because he had understood that their pressure had made her make an irrevocable decision and that he was ready to assume it at any price.
-Yes. It has always been my dream to have a baby.
-If that's your decision, I have nothing against it, Paul finally said. You know you can always count on us, no matter what you choose. You have my full support.
      Catherine relaxed. Having the support of her father was the most wonderful thing she could get in such a situation. She knew that her mother would follow the same path once the initial shock had passed. "You wanted me to give up my celibacy, to give meaning to my personal life," she replied mentally. Is not that enough for you? "
-We must prepare for her coming, said her mother, with a smile on her lips to the great surprise of the young woman and Paul.
-Mom, you do not have to...
-Are you kinding me? She interrupted, falsely offended. You finally give me a little child even if I disapprove of the fact that you have no man in your life, and you want me to stay away? I’m excited to be a part of your joy my darling! As well said your father, your happiness is all mather to me and this litte angle inside in you is included in the package deal.
-Have you already contacted Roberta to advise her of a possible maternity leave? Wanted to know his father.
-By the way, I have not thought of it yet. I only let him know that I resumed work on Thursday.
-Do you already have a doctor or do you want me to give you a reference?" Replied his mother, hastily. What a silly question! You already know all that.

          Catherine smiled inwardly: her parents no longer worried about the context in which the baby was conceived but about her coming and her health. It was thus that they spent the whole afternoon discussing about this little being who was already beginning to take his place in the family ...

Alexa Madrexx

My novel "The complete familial package: the dreamed baby" is on sale on Amazon. The link is available on my blog. I hope you will like it.

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