jeudi 8 décembre 2016

Love at least once

Love at least once
We must recognize that love doesn’t always often means forever,
Contrariwise we have the impression that they dance a mad ballet
In the flames of hell, a conviction patiently endured
For a heart that wanted to love in spite of everything;
But it ends up costing him are bitter tears
And such deep scars they vainly struggle to heal.
So one is tempted to renounce legitimate way:
To wrongly or rightly what it used it to you
To pay this price to the detriment of himself?

However controversial this feeling is we all had a day
Felt, generated or shared for a day or forever,
Although it has given us in return the affection,
 Indifference, jealousy or even hatred;
We must admit that it is worth being lived
Although why we must live it once.

Beyond the suffering, regrets he leaves us,
Each of us wants to know one day
No matter how long it will burn within us.
Even in love if it has to happen once,
Feel his being dominated by feelings that one wants to hunt
But also keep to afford to dream sometimes;
Find inner peace because another is happy,
Feeling good about yourself because you like each other.
Even love if it should happen just once,
To feel his heart packed at the thought of being loved
And lose his wondering what may well happen,
Or laughing when there is no reason.

If we ended up losing or not having to say anything,
Even if we see bad luck there
To have escaped despite many battles
To finally be alone with her despair;
Although after one becomes someone else
Or become bitter against his own person,
Part of himself, a little shy voice
Confessed one day perhaps have been privileged to have loved once.
Alexa Madrexx
From "Kaleidoscope or the conflicting emotions festival" 
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