mardi 22 novembre 2016

When the head buzzes but the body fails apart

       I have not been very chatty on my blog those recent days. When it isn't the ubiquitous pain or migraine that overwhelms me, it's one of about twenty symptoms of my fibromyalgia that prevent me from working at my own pace. My brain has at least resumed normal operation after bombarding it with omega 3 supplements but the only thing that annoys me is its performance at the turbo speed which causes my ideas to burst in my head without my fingers numbed by paresthesia (decreased sensation and loss of sensitivity due to nerve damage) fail to follow. The situation is not so desperate because I can at least write what I want even if it is not in the desired time. When one suffers from this disabling malady, one learns very quickly that the secret of a successful adaptation is to leave to closet perfectionism and severe self-criticism. This is the best approach to better succeed what I do. It took me time to realize it but as the saying goes better late than ever. Go fighter go!

Alexa Madrexx

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