mardi 29 novembre 2016

These young women, whom the humanitarian soldiers exchanged for their pleasure

         Let's put it this way: I do not mean to denigrate young Haitian women who are my compatriots or soldiers of the MINUSTA (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti) who are present on our soil since 2004. They are an integral part of this uneven scene that has always characterized my hometown. When I talked with relatives, friends or close friends, almost all of them came together to say that the young women of my generation who are inclined to be attracted by the material good without raising the little right, the young men also are the same. As if that were not enough, the ubiquitous transfer of money or food, inevitable by members of the Haitian diaspora around the world, has become almost the main source of income for the vast majority of Haitian families . Worse still, prior to troubleshooting, people who are hard of hearing are on the lookout for the most complex schemes to extract money from someone in that diaspora.
               It is there that these famous soldiers return to the scene. You know, when these characters arrived in Haiti in 2004, I was almost cloistered in my house, watching through a window with translucent curtains the violent demonstrations that broke through the streets of the capital. I did not have to watch the news or listen to the radio because it was lacking electricity because I was almost in the first box in the residential area of ​​my childhood. I still remember the conversations of my classmates in high school, I was in a private Catholic school, the young girls of 15 to 17 years the most audacious who boasted of having several contenders who could provide for their material needs in A snap of you. Added to that the anecdotes and stories of sexual exploitation that ran in the tired capital over soldiers from multiple backgrounds who took advantage of our sunny beaches and the most beautiful Haitian women, the myth has become a sad reality. Even the most innocent young women who claimed to have found a white man who loved them body and soul did not escape this lot: for a few green US dollars, cell phones were packed, daily expenses and priority Insured as well as the livelihood of a vulnerable family insured, they simply thought that they won the jackpot. It is clear that, on their own, these men who came from elsewhere, profiting from the loss of profit and the countless faults of the socio-economic and political system, were the lucky winners at the end of the line. Indeed, being in Haiti meant not being on the front of a bloody war with their wages gained and their position, they were considered privileged millionaires. Young women, far from furnishing their minds and producing in the sweat of their brow, with a relationship with the perfect soldier, saw their rent, bills and accounts settled, cell phones that ruined the system, Phone fixedly disappeared from the traffic, were rebooted to block. The young Haitian men, even those who are honest, are obliged to make unorthodox choices to conquer their sweethearts during the soldiers and even compatriots high-placed sneer, spectators of this derogatory and crazy movie trail.
          I wrote these lines to reliee my heart and even though I do not have the means to change things, I hope that I will elicit more than one reflection on this scourge of society that becomes a cancer in my country. To all Haitian women and anywhere in the world, especially those who live or come from a disadvantaged country like me, you are worth much more than that and do not let anyone persuade you that your person may have a hold for the satisfaction of dishonest people .
Alexa Madrexx

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