mercredi 16 novembre 2016

The world through my eyes

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"Thought is so extraordinary in power that it surpasses the understanding: it only orders, and the faithful servant obeys it without bending. When the mind is right, the body is sound." Alexa M

"Resilience is not a weakness, it is the nobility of the soul that shines through its humility." Alexa M

"There is nothing more painful than being obliged to cover up the face to prevent others from asking superficial questions from which they are not ready to hear the answers, and above all in order not to lose the little The energy we have to convince ourselves to have a reason to exist "Alexa M

"Death is not dramatic in itself for the person who leaves: it is the suffering of the remaining who fills the void, and this is where human distress begins and comes up against the void." Alexa M

"If the dream is an escape from the awakened nightmares one lives with each heartbeat, it may be wise to stay asleep." Alexa M
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