mardi 15 novembre 2016

My first novel is on sale on Amazon

        It is with excitement that I announce today that my first novel is on sale on Amazon since the past saturday. This is one of my projects come true. It is called "Forfait parental tout inclus, première partie: le bébé tant rêvé." It is a romantic comedy full of intrigues, passion and misunderstandings. It takes place in Haiti in my native land and tells the story of Catherine Abellard, a young woman of 33 years old, a doctor, a well-established businesswoman and an activist committed to the protection of children. In spite of her brilliant career, her achievements and her national and even international reputation, she is put on the spot by her numerous family of which she is young but also the sadly single when all the siblings are casted and has joyful marmas . Clamant for a long time its independence, it will yield under the social pressure of a Haitian society still very macho: Catherine, very Cartesian and surpassing its religious beliefs and the moral principles for the freedom of the women, then decides to have a baby by using assisted procreation. In spite of herself, she will find herself tilted in a rocambolesque adventure as she builds a story to sleep standing around the child's conception. I invite you to read the book that is on sale on the various Amazon sites. I will shortly link to my page to go straight to it.
     It is important to note that it will be a series that will contain at least 3 volumes. The english version will come soon. Good reading !   
Sincerely yours, Alexa Madrexx. 

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