mercredi 16 novembre 2016

My ebooks and more about Kindle

         My books published in ebooks format and Kindle are on sale on Amazon. Links are available on this photo page to facilitate your online purchase. In addition, I would like to remind you that I remain available to answer your questions. I have placed at your disposal at the bottom of my page under the title "Ebooks Kindle Amazon" to facilitate your navigation on the site and your purchases. I have targeted my books in first link and I share with you my favorites and the books of my favorite authors who have served me as a model. I remind you that right of my blog, you find my own ebooks under the tab "book published".

        Reading with the Kindle Application from Amazon group

          I want to clarify something at the beginning. This article is not an advertisement for Amazon. I don't do marketing for this group. On the other hand, I think it is essential to present you the Kindle reading platform that I discovered by the biggest chance in August. I still broke my head to find out which publishing house to send my book when I came across an online seminar for independent authors who by the same time become self publishers of their publications. That's when I discovered Kindle, an Amazon platform for eBooks or eBooks that allows published or self-published authors to embark on the world of writing.
  Kindle, a creation of the Amazon group, is available free as applications for electronic media, smart phones, computers or other; It is also an electronic support that recalls an electronic tablet. At this point, it is called electronic reading lamp which can be seen as a personalized virtual library to wear. With the major advances in technology, people are more inclined to use a single device that can perform various functions instead of trailing as formerly cellular, binder, music players and voluminous books that have gone to lug around with oneself during Our travels. Another advantage is that it offers books at a much more affordable price than paper versions for the simple reason that the US online giant Amazon does not have to edit and publish multiple paper copies that would cost millions of dollars In risky investments
          It is for all these good reasons that I chose to launch myself in self-publication in order to update myself with the technology that is experiencing an exponential climax. Hopefully this article will help you better shop the famous ebooks on different Amazon sites. Yours faithfully,
Alexa Madrexx

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